On 22 June 2017, commercial and corporate law firm Gillan & Veldhuizen (G&V Inc.) announced their affiliation with IR Global, an international professional service network.  This partnership makes G&V Inc. an exclusive IR Global member In South Africa, supplying commercial litigation services to all other members and outside users.

CEO PJ Veldhuizen says that this is a great achievement and acknowledgement of their good reputation and service offering.  “It also gives us the opportunity to assist our existing clients with quality representation in many more jurisdictions, and improve our service by giving them access to additional advisory services outside our own immediate offering.”

IR Global is a service firm network that provides legal, accounting and financial advice to companies and individuals across 155 jurisdictions.  Clients are able to build and grow their businesses through the many benefits IR Global affords its members and affiliates, with international exposure of their brand, access to niche skills across many practice areas and sectors, excellent service and support, and ongoing collaboration.

Gillan & Veldhuizen underwent a vigorous vetting process which included analysis of the firm’s reputation and rankings, and measuring feedback from local IR members and connections to their jurisdictions.  The final step was a one-on-one meeting to discuss the protocols, ethos and expectations required.

Veldhuizen remarks that he sees the value in being part of a network of like-minded individuals and businesses that together are all powerful, supporting and complementing each other’s expertise through collaboration, co-operation and sharing of skills. “Here’s to going global!”