With the coronavirus pandemic declared a national disaster last week and the subsequent 21-day lock down in South Africa we need to consider how we are going to maintain business operations for the unforeseeable future and mitigate any fall out from coronavirus-related consequences.  

Most businesses and industries affected by Coronavirus-related consequences, either directly or indirectly, should be looking at the specific implications and possible knock-on effects on their operations. In particular, businesses must consider their contractual relationships with others in their supply chain since there exists an increased risk of breach of contract, primarily due to non-performance. Generally, breach of contract is attributed to fault of the business but certain unforeseen circumstances, such as the circumstances caused by the Coronavirus, may render performance virtually impossible due to no fault of the contracting parties – read more below on what steps businesses can take to mitigate the commercial risks of the virus.

We are here for you no matter where you are.

I am happy to inform you that we remain available to consult with you via tele-conference and/or video-conference with regards to your legal requirements in particular remote mediation and adjudication of disputes. We understand that parties need to resolve their differences and where mediation is not considered appropriate, parties will be encouraged to consider adjudication. This will be done on a stated case basis and perhaps limited evidence by video conference, if necessary. The parties will bind themselves to a ruling which will in a robust fashion resolve the matter one way or another within a very short time.

In the words of Freddy Mercury, “The show must go on”! 

Yours in law.
PJ Veldhuizen


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