Like me, I’m sure you are looking forward to seeing the back end of 2020, but rather than commiserating and carping on about what was, let us follow the advice of a few sages and look at the positives – yes, there are indeed some – it’s not been ALL Zoom and gloom.

There are most certainly things we have learned about ourselves and our businesses over the past 8 months as we were forced to adapt to a new way of doing things. Home school, home office, home bound – had us tearing our (our better halves, children’s – whomever was nearest) hair out, as we did marathons around our houses, learnt how to make home-made pizza and scrounged the back of our cupboards for the last of the grape-nectar.

Amongst the chaos that is/was 2020, we as Business South Africa have pulled together responsibly and made certain that the show did in fact go on, and you will have hopefully benefitted from the legal advice we have imparted.  

Possibly the top outcome of the year for the Hospitality Industry in particular, was the ruling on Insurers being ordered to pay out restaurant business interruption claims, albeit that these rulings are being appealed. Significant amendments made to The Protection of Personal Information Act have presented even more privacy for the consumer. The property sector has garnered many welcome adjustments too with regards to POPIA and the necessity for solid agreements of sale.

An elbow nudge to new legislation enforced this year, that will positively influence the legal space and the public sector going forward. And last, but by no means least we have endeavoured to ‘take care of your businesses’ by offering guidance on how to go about rescuing your company, declaring insolvency and selling your business.

My team and I would like to wish you and your families a wonderful festive season. Remember to support local and consider giving to a charity which we have decided to do in lieu of client Christmas gifts this year – we will be donating to PitPals, a wonderful organisation committed to rescuing and rehabilitating Pitbulls and other power breeds.

We are looking forward to hitting the New Year like masked bandits, brandishing virtual swords and conducting ourselves lawyerly-like, albeit from a distance.

Until then stay well – see you on the other side.
Yours in law.