The coronavirus pandemic is unlike any crisis business owners in South Africa have ever faced before. We are nothing if not resilient, pulling out all the stops to keep our heads above water, pay our staff and honour payments,  but with the country still in the grips of an uncertain future directors and business leaders need to be urgently and honestly assessing their financial positions. If you are unable to reach a compromise with your creditors and your business is facing business rescue or liquidation you need to be making some tough decisions sooner rather than later.

In this edition we explore alternative dispute resolution options – I believe that ADR in the mainstream, and even more so during lockdown, poses a cost-effective solution to complex matters, and is a wise course of action to consider during this time of crisis, all of which can be managed remotely, and in the case of mediation at a fixed fee. We’ve unpacked the laws of insolvency and the legal disposal of assets and how  important it is to do the right thing by your creditors.  Lastly, we also address how getting the wording wrong in your notices to landlords and suppliers can have severe consequences and open your business up to insolvency, liquidation or business rescue petitions and proceedings.Rest assured my team is geared to manage any legal disruptions, offer specialist advice and take good care of (your) business, via our remote work capabilities.

No matter where you are we are here for you!  

Stay safe.
Yours in law.
PJ Veldhuizen