Navigating the intricate labyrinth of legal nuances can often feel like a precarious journey, reminiscent of the nerve-racking walks to the principal’s office from days gone by wondering what rule you’d broken, what punishment would be meted out and how you could get out of it (or away with it)!

As a fitting end to the year we’re giving you ‘6 of the Best’ – no, not the canings of yesteryear, but rather our top reads for 2023.  The following commentaries stand out as examples of great, legal insight and knowledge or in plain speak – how to stay out of trouble or get out of a sticky situation, have the right people on your side, do things the correct way and ultimately avoid a rap over the knuckles.

How to stay out of trouble:  The Art of Law takes you on a journey where the mastery of language meets the precision of legal reasoning, teaching us when to retreat, when to wait, when to attack, when to negotiate, when to mediate and when to surrender.

And if you’re looking to get out of a sticky situation: The Texas Auction clause provides an effective tool for resolving shareholder disputes in 50:50 enterprises.

Get the right people on your side:  Choose wisely because A lawyer can make or break your case. The role of a lawyer is pivotal; empowering you with the knowledge to navigate the legal battlegrounds, as Choosing the right legal professional can shape the outcome of your case.

Do things the correct way: What constitutes a contract? unravels the threads of agreement, intention and legality along with the complexities that define the backbone of business relationships.   Whilst The robot made me do itexplores the risks of AI in legal contract drafting.

Happy reading.

From myself and the GVInc team we wish you and yours a wonderful festive season.

Yours in law

PJ Veldhuizen